Monday, August 6, 2007

All Part of a Complete and Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast of Champions!

I have been knitting, but the latest project is so stupidly ambitious that aside from one almost successful attempt to try and devise a waffle-weave type stitch pattern (nothing I try looks anything like what I want, but this particular experiment yielded an interesting result), I haven't really had much to photograph or talk about. And what is so stupidly ambitious? Let's try a king-size blanket, knitted in one piece, using a honeycomb-style slip-stich pattern, with a worsted-weight yarn, on size ten needles (47" circular), somewhere in the neighbourhood of 560 stitches. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking, either! But it's good fun, something I can do while I watch TV (though... I took a pretty strong painkiller for lady cramps and then started knitting while watching a particular silly movie, slipped a stitch where I ought not have and didn't notice for about 70 or 80 stitches... that was a fun bit of unknitting. Don't self-medicate and knit, kids!). When I started, each row took about 25 - 30 minutes to complete, but I timed a couple of rows the other day and I think I'm down to 20 minutes per row. So far I've spent about nine hours on that sucker. It might be ready by the time cold weather hits!

As for where I dug up this most fab stitch pattern (second one on page), there is so much stuff at that I would be completely selfish not to share it with y'all. It's a wonderful source for all sorts of interesting stuff and packed with projects galore... like some I can't wait to get started on (like this Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl). Another great resource is Knitting Pattern Central. Acres upon acres of knitting potential (and some stuff for those who love crochet, too!).


I started writing this Monday morning and here it is, Thursday night and I'm finally getting back to it; oh, how time flies. I had a trip to Little Rock on Tuesday for my Ongoing Medical Oddity Odyssey (it's a long story, I'll post something after next weeks' journey to see the rheumatologist... hopefully something will actually come of it to post about!), and Wednesday I had to cover a morning/daytime shift at work and ended up napping away most of my evening. Work today wasn't so bad but I was just tired all through it, I'm glad I was able to get away a bit earlier than usual. I think I'm going to have some dinner and work on my blanket for a while, if I don't fall asleep on my plate, that is! :)

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