Tuesday, August 11, 2009

P.S.: Bonus Useful Link O' The Day

While I was writing down notes for the aforementioned project (needle size, yarn brand/type, etc.) I decided to also write down the WPI or wraps per inch, just in case I wanted to sub yarn later on (I made it in a nice-quality acrylic, but I think it's a design that could benefit from wool or other animal fibre in the winter months). I googled WPI so I could get an idea of how to better use that information later on, and found this page about estimating needed yarn yardage based on WPI. It's a very useful reference and one I'm sure I'll use later on - especially as I may have a sweater commission coming down the pipe (a friend wants me to make him a Christmas sweater - it could be absolute comedy gold depending on what direction we take it in, heh)!

Update On Late-B'day Project

I finished my friend's belated birthday gift today, but realised it would need some stabilising around the edge. I decided to pick up those edge stitches and do a 1 x 1 twisted rib... except that, being a rib, it pulls the item in too far around the face. I don't know, it might work for the recipient, but for me - not so much, as I wear glasses. I think I'll have to pull the rib out and start over... maybe a couple rows of seed stitch? It's so difficult since I have to write in vagaries, not wanting to give it away just in case - however slight - the recipient might be reading (so I definitely can't post pics yet!). I will wait for morning to think about pulling it all out and starting the edge over (it only took about half an hour, so it's not like redoing the whole thing).

Well, I was going to post some pics of other projects, but after hunting high and low I couldn't find the USB cord that connects my camera to the computer, sigh. However, here is a pic of me wearing one of my hats that I dug up on Facebook:

Monday, August 10, 2009

You Can't Blog When You're Too Busy Knittin'

Thank goodness for an internet chock full o' knitters - I was losing my mind trying to remember how to knit a flat circle, and along came this informative tutorial. Whew! (Looks like a kickass blog, too - I'm interested in amigurumi, but I'm so not a crocheter. I totally want to knit adorable things - in fact, one is a secret project right now. If it ever turns out how I want, I will be sure to post about it!).

I needed to know how to knit a circle so I could make an idea a reality - a reverse coaster for wine glasses. My in-laws always put a piece of thin cardboard or whatever is available on top of their wine glasses in the summer, as the wine tends to attract gnats. Well, I saw a need, and decided I could knit something to fix the problem - and make something pretty! I have a design in mind, I just need to do some sketches, some practice knitting, and perhaps learn how to knit with beads.

In other news, I am smack dab in the middle of project land - I am just finishing up a friend's late birthday present (will post pics and details when she receives it!), I have plans for a rainbow shrug that a friend has commissioned, I have plans for my first cardigan (for myself!), some autumnal accessories, and getting my Etsy shop up and running. So busy! The only difficulty is staying focused. That hasn't been going so well lately... perhaps adult-onset ADHD? Heh, I'm far too lazy for that. Doesn't take a whole load of energy to knit up a storm!

Ok, that seems to be my quarterly post, haha. Best get to bed - have to be up early in the A.M. Have been up far too late as it is. ♥