Monday, November 12, 2007

Looks Like Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays!

...and I do, so let's just skip over that and talk some knitting and knitting-related crafts!

Behold: the 94" wonder that is the Happy Scarf! As previously mentioned it's made out of Lion Brand Homespun. It took about one and a half balls of said yarn to make it the length I wanted. By the time I was finishing it up I could wear it while knitting it! I had Nathan model it because I am in the middle of a self-esteem crisis and wish never to be photographed again (heh). He looks rather handsome in it, which makes me wish he loved scarves as much as I do so he'd wear one! If you're wondering why this picture only shows half a face, he agreed to model it only if I cropped out his hair (the only birthday gift he's asked for his year is a haircut).

Onto... knitting-related craft! I have been toting around my sock yarn and needles in a paper bag from Handheld Knitting. It's a fine bag, nice handles - but it is made of paper, after all, and paper can only take so much wear before the bottom falls out and you're left with a skein of sock yarn sitting in a puddle and tears running down your face. Luckily this has not happened to me, but I am prescient enough to realise it could. So I'm going to see what I can do with some fleece, thread, a needle, and a little creative know-how in order to make my very own Sock Project Bag - the little bag that could, big enough for some needles, some sock yarn, and a sock, ONLY! If I manage to get it together, I'll post photos and a pattern. I'm coming up with all sorts of ideas lately - watching "The Amazing Race" last night (go Team Goth!), I had an idea for a felted bag and immediately started looking up information about felting. As soon as I can acquire some wool, I will be swatching and fulling up a storm. Maybe I'll even be able to share my idea!

Well, on to the makings of this Sock Project Bag. I'll keep you updated!

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