Monday, October 6, 2008


(The Epic Garter Saga continues...)

I could smash my head against a wall for not thinking of this sooner, but hey, maybe if I write this down instead of self-flagellating, I'll do better next time I have some complex lace to knit.

ALWAYS USE A LIFELINE. Here's a Lace knitting FAQ - halfway down the page are instructions on how to use a lifeline.

Right now I'm using dental floss, so the garter might have a minty fresh scent after all is said and done.

The stupid thing is, I've used lifelines before. And the amount of times I've ripped back this garter and started over... if only I had just used a lifeline to begin with, I could have had it in the mail by now!

I guess I should stop typing - I'm actually taking a mandatory rest for my wrists before I get back into the knitting. I am hoping to have it blocked out and drying overnight. Cross fingers, knock on wood, etc.

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Sarah said...

Curious minds want to know, how did the Epic Garter Saga end? :)

I hope everything's going well, Sammy. ♥{{{{Sammy}}}}♥