Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update On Late-B'day Project

I finished my friend's belated birthday gift today, but realised it would need some stabilising around the edge. I decided to pick up those edge stitches and do a 1 x 1 twisted rib... except that, being a rib, it pulls the item in too far around the face. I don't know, it might work for the recipient, but for me - not so much, as I wear glasses. I think I'll have to pull the rib out and start over... maybe a couple rows of seed stitch? It's so difficult since I have to write in vagaries, not wanting to give it away just in case - however slight - the recipient might be reading (so I definitely can't post pics yet!). I will wait for morning to think about pulling it all out and starting the edge over (it only took about half an hour, so it's not like redoing the whole thing).

Well, I was going to post some pics of other projects, but after hunting high and low I couldn't find the USB cord that connects my camera to the computer, sigh. However, here is a pic of me wearing one of my hats that I dug up on Facebook:

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