Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy Corner: Ruby Mountain Dyeworks

From Friday's Etsy Finds Newsletter - this one entitled "All In Stitches", about quilting/sewing crafts - I came across Ruby Mountain DyeWorks . The featured item was a quilted journal cover that utterly struck my fancy. I have been thinking of designing a similar knit item, and the concept is right up my alley - I like to have a decorated notebook, and a place to discreetly tuck a pen is a brilliant idea!

The more I looked at Karen's store, the more I loved what I saw there - the hand-dyed fabric is magnificent, the colours lush and bright, brilliantly arranged to show off the colour wheel and different sets of hues. It's an inspiration just to visit and window-shop a while! I don't sew (yet), but there is plenty there for the non-quilter, as well - premade items like bookmarks, the aforementioned journal covers, and some incredibly lovely Christmas stockings are offered for sale, too.

Do pay this lovely store a visit - you'll fall in love with the colours just as surely as I did!

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