Friday, October 9, 2009

Knitting To-Do

In the interest in staying on top of all of my various projects, here's a to-do I'm setting myself for the weekend:

- work on the "Bibbity Bobbity" hat
- swatch for the "Kimono Classic" cardigan out of "Simple Style"
- finish green "Laila" scarf for Etsy store
- finish cowl for same
- doggie sweater for Bailey (friend's dog)

...and perhaps map out what I'm going to do with recent stash acquisitions, including the lace/cable beret I'm trying to chart.

I'm hoping the Kimono Classic will turn out fine despite having to sub in cheaper yarn - I'm making it for a work friend. We went shopping for the yarn today, and I think that we got enough yardage (there will be a few adjustments for measurement, and I want to make sure we keep the loose, boxy shape... it's what she liked about the pattern in the first place). I swatched on size 8 needles, but I think my gauge is a little tight. I'll see what washing and drying does to it, but I'll probably do a couple more swatches before I settle in for the long haul.

Ok. Let's see if I can get some of this stuff done. Goooooooooooooooo knitting!

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