Sunday, August 10, 2008

So-Called Scarf: Take Two

So, I made some kind of mistake while knitting on the My So-Called Scarf... and since I can easily repair mistakes and dropped stitches in stockinette but not in slip-stitch or lace knitting, I just sighed and tore it back, wound back my yarn, and picked out a different set of needles. Yes, the fabric was stable and sturdy, but it was a little too thick for my liking, so I decided to try again on size 13s. So far, so good... knock on wood.

In weekend movie rental news, we watched "The Eye" (Jessica Alba U.S. remake) - not bad, not as scary as I thought it would be but still a little unnerving, with a decent ending and completely unfathomable music over the end credits; "Doomsday" - a crazy post-apocalyptic pastiche, borrowing bits and pieces from "Mad Max 2", "28 Days Later", and "Gladiator". It is bizarre, action-packed, badass, and totally unashamedly glorious. It's gory and explicit in parts, but a fun thrillride nonetheless.

Right now, we're watching "In Bruges", which came highly recommended from my friend Pierce. Still formulating my thoughts on it, since it's not yet over. But I'm enjoying it. The scenery and filming is beautiful, and I love a movie where the dialogue is jam-packed with swearwords!

Speaking of movies, I've been holding out for a two-movie repackaging of "Grindhouse" - "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof". I really thought they'd sell both of them in one awesome set, but as of now, they're still sold seperately (except overseas, and my all-region DVD player gave up working about six months ago). I really loved "Death Proof" and watch it whenever it's on TV. It's a great knitting-to film (I believe I even mentioned in a post a few months back). Some people take issue with the wordiness of Quentin Tarrantino's dialogue, but I rather enjoy it. I also like watching a movie where the ladyfolks are talking about stuff other than fashion and shoes. (The more I watch "Planet Terror", the more I enjoy it, too. Just "Death Proof" was my favourite of the two from the start.)

Alright, enough chatter, back to knitting! I want to get this scarf finished sometime before fall... and note to self, go to LYS tomorrow to get yarn for Jo's garter, so I can have that done and mailed off sometime before their first wedding anniversary!

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