Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Notes From The Procrastinator

...heh. Right now I'm procrastinating on my exercise. I'll get there, I just have to blog first. Urgently!

1. Yesterday was me and the man's 7th wedding anniversary. !!! We had a pretty sweet day. He is off on vacation and I requested the day off, so we had a late lunch at a Mexican place, a couple of drinks from Sonic during Happy Hour, a leisurely nap in the early evening, and then dinner at our favourite Greek place. A lovely way to spend the day. And, of course, there were gifts - I got him the complete series of "Spaced" on DVD (a Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright production from about 10 years ago, which we have wanted to watch, but been denied a Region 1 release... until now! Also, is the origin of the phrase "fried gold"), and he picked me up a couple of knitting books - "Knit Aid" by Vickie Howell, and "Super Stitches Knitting" by Karen Hemingway. What can I say, the dude knows me ;) ♥

2. New knitting mag: Debbie Bliss Magazine. Of course I bought it. It has a very pretty layout, lovely colours, a scone recipe (!!) and some very promising patterns. As soon as I can find a yarn I like in both colour and quantity for a project bigger than a scarf/socks/armwarmers, I will totally make one of the shrugs/cardigans. I've even been sketching some ideas for my own shrug, though it might take me forever to get around to the actual construction. Anyway, I've only really skimmed through the mag but I already think it's a winner. I'll post on it in more depth once I've read it through.

3. Visited Hobby Lobby today on the spur of the moment during my lunchbreak, to see if there were any copies of Vogue "Knit.1" magazine (are they even still making it? My brief web search really didn't tell me anything). Well, they didn't, so I went forth to look at yarn. And knock me over with a feather, but they've started carrying sock yarn! I saw cotton/elastic blend (can't remember the brand), and wool/nylon in Lion Brand and - gasp - Red Heart. Yes, real wool, from Red Heart! And the colour selection was really very nice. The Lion Brand comes in a skein big enough to knit an actual pair, for $9.99, and they even had a variegated yellow (my dream right now is to knit yellow socks). Since I splurged on the magazine I didn't buy any yarn, but I'll be making a trip as soon as it's financially viable. It's a good thing I didn't totally write off Hob Lob as a knitting wasteland!

4. Sending out good vibes to anyone in the path of Hurricane Ike. Be safe out there, kids.


Sarah said...

1) Happy Anniversary!!

2) I had heard of the magazine, seen a few things from it on Ravelry and, for some reason, mistook it to be another "only in Britain" magazine. That is how my mind worked. *eyeroll* Now I know to look for it at BN next time I'm in Peoria! :)

3) I tend to go there for emergency supplies, but am surprised lately by the 'good' yarn stuff they seem to be getting. I bought the last 2 balls of Lion Brand Sock-Ease my local store had and I'm pretty happy with the stuff so far. As for Knit.1, I've been curious too. I know they've switched it from four times a year to just twice a year (boo-hiss), but there doesn't seem to be any word on when the fall/winter issue will be out.*

4) Same here. I'm hoping by the time it gets to Dallas it'll be mostly out of steam, but I'm worried all the same. (family is there, and I used to live there)

♥ {{{{{ Sammy }}}}} ♥


Sarah said...

P.S. According to a comment I just read it is suppose to be out on November 11th; I can't locate my Summer copy at the moment (it's in a box... somewhere), so I'll just have to take their word for it. :)

Sarah said...

P.P.S. Well, the future of Knit.1 might be a little more shaky than just a decrease to two issues per year: (It can't be good if they no longer seem to be accepting new subscriptions.) :(