Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick post for Sarah!

I finished the second of the "Spring Forward" socks on Saturday night (08/30/08) and promptly took pictures, which have not been pulled off my camera yet - but I'm heading upstairs to do that right now and hope to edit this post with an image! (Or just, you know, flood this blog with image posts, haha.)

I'm currently working on finishing another sock - ribbing for the whole tube, then ribbing on top of the foot and I'm trying an idea called a "princess foot" for the sole, where you do the sole in purl so the inside of the foot is stockinette, and is supposed to feel smoother on the skin. I picked up this sock Sunday - I'd already done about three inches in ribbing but forgot all about it until I needed my size 2 dpns for another sock project, and I thought I'd ribbed too far to give it up, so I'm following through. Sunday afternoon I knitted on the sock while watching the Arkansas women's soccer team trounce Oral Roberts University (go Razorbacks!). I also earned a wicked sunburn because my stupid ass forgot to put on sunscreen. Heh.

New book in the library (I succumbed to peer pressure at work and bought something I've had on the hold shelf for months on account of never having any money): "101 Designer One-Skein Wonders", edited by Judith Durant. This morning I was looking lovingly at the pattern for a Dogwood Blossom Wrap, made of a very fine silk. I was completely into it until I realised the recommended silk is FIFTY-TWO DOLLARS A SKEIN. Erm... no thanks! Maybe when I'm a BAZILLIONAIRE.

Poor knitters unite! :P

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Sarah said...

Aw, I feel all special! I also feel like a complete dork, because I was positive that I had commented when I first saw this. Sorry!

I have Spring Forward in my queue and I love how yours turned out and the color! Thank you so much for all the photos - complete eye candy. :) I love seeing photos of others knitted projects.

As for $52 a skein yarn... more power to the ones who can afford it, but me? I'd just buy some yarn in the same weight at a much, much, much lower price. I honestly don't understand why some people would even *think* about spending that much money on a single skein of yarn. I love yarn, but really. I have enough trouble justifying the cost of sock yarn. Seems to be around $24 on average for enough yarn for one pair of socks. I understand the pricing, but my bank account doesn't like it. It's part of why I took up dyeing my own yarn. It's also why I don't mind knitting with Caron Simply Soft when I have to instead of a nice wool yarn. At least it's softer than Red Heart, and I never have to worry about the finished knit landing in the washer. Ah well.

Back to the Dogwood Blossom Shawl, there's a knitter on Ravelry who is/was knitting it with Knit Picks Gossamer. Looked like the good substitute! :)

Poor knitters unite! *nods*

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