Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yarn Talk, Plus Bonus Sushi

From top to bottom:

1. The Crystal Palace Yarns "Bamboo Silk", in denim, with which I will be knitting Jo's garter
2. Close-up of the yarn yumminess
3. Plate of sushi enjoyed last Wednesday night at the delightful Fuji restaurant in a neighbouring town

I have actually started the garter - but due to improper storage techniques (that is to say... the way things get randomly jostled in my knitting-bag-slash-handbag, even when projects are safely stored in their own ziploc bags) I lost a couple of stitches. I also thought about how I haven't knitted on it in a while and thought that my gauge might get all effed up if I continue along. Sooooo... you know me. But I did it after careful consideration. It wasn't "woe is me, I shall frog instead of being rational". I decided that I'm going to devote part of my Saturday to nothing but sheer knitting madness and get it all done in one fell swoop. I only had a couple of inches to show for my progress, and Eloping knits up fast, y'all. So I'm prepared to knock it out of the park. Watch this space for updates!

The special sushi treat was to celebrate my mum. It would have been her 62nd birthday last Wednesday. Love ya, mum.

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Sarah said...

I have yet to work with bamboo silk. How is it? It looks lovely. :)

I have the same problem with most dpn projects. I've finally resorted to wrapping hair ties or rubber bands around the ends of the needles to keep it all in place when I put it away. Life is so much better now. :D

Personally, I would have ripped it out too. Not just because 'oh dropped stitches' but because of 'it didn't take too long, and my gauge probably won't be the same now' - makes perfect and total sense. :)

And Yay! for your mums birthday. :) It's always good to celebrate our loved ones milestones even if they have passed on.

And speaking of celebrate... Happy Anniversary! (Yeah, I know a few days early, right?)

♥ {{{{{Sammy}}}}} ♥