Tuesday, January 5, 2010

UFOs becoming FOs at Long Last!

I finally finished my husband's scarf... that I started probably around the end of 2008. I remember this because I worked on it during many theatre-viewings of *mumble*"Twilight"*mumble*. Ahem. (I can't excuse myself, really, but I think Carter Burwell's understated yet incredibly emotional score got to me.) ANYHOW. While tearing around the living room trying to find a lost ball of yarn (as ever), I found the scarf and realised I didn't have that much to do for it to be finished. I weaved in some ends - not many, as I carried the floats from the stripes on the inside of the work (the scarf was knit in the round), then sewed the ends up using blanket stitch. It's made from acrylic (except for the orange panel stripe, which was leftover Mission Falls superwash wool), but since it was knit in the round it's double-thickness. It's also quite wide. So if anything it will have an insulating effect and keep a chill wind from acheiving total domination. Trying it on myself, I can attest that it's quite squishy and cosy... if I can get around to it, with all of the projects on my ever-growing to-do list, I might consider production for the store! :)

Pictured: Nathan and Dog enjoying the cosiness.

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