Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday

In an attempt to at least knit something this week (I have a theory that the cold has, in part, frozen both my brain and my hands, so the major projects on the to-do list have hit a standstill) I cast on 120 sts and began work on a simple ribbed cowl. Just a little bit of stuff to keep the breeze out, without the work intensity of a long scarf (like the one I knit for Nathan - I've had the opportunity to borrow it a couple of times to test its windchill-blocking abilities and I am really happy with it!). I started it with the intent of honing a particular design I've been working on for the last year or so, but right now I really can't decide if I'll just leave it as-is or continue. I know, I'm being very vague - but a gal has to at least try and protect her intellectual property before she casts it out into the world, right? ;)

So, in the meantime, with no FOs or even pics of UFOs to compensate my lack of both knitting and content, here is one of my favourite LOLcats of all time:

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