Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is There Such Thing As Too Many WIPs?

(WIP = work in progress, for those not in the knit-acronym know)

Though I have plenty on my to-do board (see photo at left, click to embiggen), I always have to have something new going. Sometimes a project is too big for some after-work knitting (see: Rachel's cardigan) or kind of fiddly and needs more precise measuring of a subject (see: Anna's glove-mitts), so I'll pick up something new that I know won't take very long, which is the case for Mel's mittens. Mel is my boss at my daytime job, and the lady deserves some mittens! I took a couple of measurements and a hand-outline a couple of months back, but what with Christmas and everything, it was postponed, but never forgotten. So I started those tonight. The design is a basic handwarmer with thumb (no delineated fingers, just binding off loosely at the mid-finger point) and a mitten-top... I seem to be getting a bit of mileage out of the skills learned from Andy's gloves!

I'm using a very soft, easy-care acrylic for machine washing and drying. Hope to get the first one finished tonight. Here is a picture of my lap-desk workstation. (As for the LOLmagnetz, my husband got a set of LOLcat magnetic-poetry magnets for his birthday, and the container is the perfect size for some knitting accoutrement - stitch markers, tapestry needles, safety pins, etc, etc.)

Well, onward. Let's hope I don't add another project to the queue before I get something finished that is actually on it. (Having said that, I already have plans for another houndstooth-patterened hat, another cowl, and great aspirations for my Friday trip to Hobby Lobby. The knits pile up but the dreams keep flying along.) G'night!

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